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When you wish to travel to another IPA country and make contact with members there, you MUST follow the below procedures:

1. You must contact the respective Travel Secretary for your Region, using the IPA Travel Request Form. Complete and return the form to the Travel Secretary along with a photo copy/scan of your IPA identification card. You must be a current member. Travel request must be made at least 6 weeks in advance of your travel date. A copy of the Travel Form is available in .pdf format at the bottom of this page. (DO NOT CONTACT THE IPA COUNTRY ON YOUR OWN)


2. Upon receipt of your completed travel form, your regional Travel Secretary will forward it to the National Travel Secretary and you will be notified when it has been received.

3. In a few weeks you will hear from the Accommodations Officer or a representative of that nation's IPA region. They will advise you who has offered to assist you and respond to your remarks on the travel form.

Please keep in mind the time element. All IPA members world-wide do their part as volunteers. Please plan ahead, and don't expect members here and/or abroad to drop whatever they are doing to accommodate your last minute requests.

The following article was compiled and published by a member of the New Zealand Section, IPA. While it's main purpose is to acquaint new members of IPA, seeking assistance for the first time, it will also serve as a reminder to more experienced travelling members of our organization.









Never forget that IPA members throughout the world are all volunteers. This applies whether they belong to an Executive, wish to host visitors from another country, or otherwise contribute to the well being of fellow members within their own land. They do so because they are interested in meeting other people, relish the enjoyment of socializing with others, and want to share in our common bond; law enforcement and keeping the peace.

IPA hospitality is fragile, and indeed, precious. Nurtured and genuinely appreciated, it will flourish and grow. Abused or taken for granted, will wither and even die. This advice is to ensure that you do not become an abuser.


Friendship includes flexibility.


The scope of IPA hospitality varies from country to country. It may depend in part on the volume of visitors received, and also on the number and enthusiasm of local IPA members. It is unreasonable to expect home hosting in popular “Tourist” areas that do not have many members. Examples are London , Las Vegas or the Hawaiian islands . The most you should expect there is a friendly face, advice on the “Best value for your money”, places to stay, how to get around, and what to see and do.


The local IPA member usually knows all this, and such advice should be greatly valued. If you decide not to take in “Tourist traps”, choosing instead to see areas not so popular, you may well be overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness of IPA members wishing to meet, greet, and even host you. A good maxim would be, do not expect too much; if your expectations are met, that is great. If they are exceeded, then that is a bonus.

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For questions/assistance, please contact our Regional Travel Director Jim Dallimore at:

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