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The Arthur Troop Scholarship:

Arthur Troop was the founding father of the International Police Association on January 1st, 1950 in England.


Ten Arthur Troop Scholarships are awarded annually by the International Committee, two for each continent in which the IPA have member Sections - Africa, America, Australasia, Asia and Europe.


Each Scholarship consists of a bursary of not more than 2,500.00 Euros that is to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn or a comparable institution.


Applications for the 2019-will be taken starting January 1, 2019 and must be received by the National Secretary General through your Region by May 31st, 2019 along with a short essay outlining what would be the benefit of the scholarship to you. The Canadian National body will decide who they put forward to the International Committee and that deadline is September 30th, 2019.


Applicants must have been a member of IPA for at least one year before applying and the scholarship must be taken between 1st January and 31st December following the grant of the scholarship (extensions not granted).


The study Scholarship may be awarded to any IPA member in a police service, but it is meant to predominantly target the less experienced officer. 


Recent Arthur Troop Scholarship winners from Ontario are Rebecca Boyd of York Regional Police, Mike Hunter of North Bay Police Service and Blair Falkinson of Toronto Police Service.



I hereby apply for the Arthur Troop Scholarship:


Personal Information:

Family name:

First name:


Date of birth:

Home address:

Phone Number:

E-mail address:

Languages spoken:


Work Information:

Rank within the police:

Actual function within the police:


IPA Information:

IPA Section:

IPA membership number:

Date of Joining IPA (year):


Reason for application:

Please provide (on a separate paper) the reasons you are applying for the AT Scholarship and the benefits you think it will bring to you.  If you already know which seminar you would like to attend, please also provide details.


I confirm I have read the Procedure of Arthur Troop Scholarships Regulations and I agree to the terms and conditions contained therein.



Date:                                                      Signature of applicant:



For completion by National Section:


Please provide (on a separate paper) your supporting statement.


We confirm the applicant is an IPA member and has been for at least one year.  Our supporting statement is attached.




IPA Office (function):


The completed form must be sent to the IAC before 31 May 2019.

Arthur Troop Scholarship - Open to any IPA Canada Member in good standing.


Application period - January 1 - May 31, 2019 for the 2020 Scholarship Year



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