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Harry Summerton Memorial Scholarship 

The International Police Association Canada Region2 (IPAR2) shall make an annual, financial commitment towards a maximum of four Scholarships in the amount of $500.00 each, to support the post-secondary challenges of the recipients. The Scholarships are in recognition of the dedication to public service and volunteerism shown by our members and especially the volunteerism shown by the scholarship’s namesake Harry Summerton. It is hoped that these monies will encourage the scholarship recipients to emulate similar characteristics in his/her future.


The following persons, who are enrolled in an eligible institution, may apply for a IPAR2 Scholarship: Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren of Life and Ordinary Members, in good standing, of the IPAR2.


Children are natural children, adopted children, stepchildren, or children to whom the IPAR2 member stands in a position of Loco Parentis


Eligible Institutions

Eligible Institutions are All accredited, Canadian Universities/Colleges and their affiliates.


All applicants, must be between the ages of 16 and 25 when the application is submitted, and will include a detailed resume/CV outlining the following (and anything else they feel will enhance the application): 

  • His/her secondary school academic achievement

  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities that were offered by his/her secondary school

  • Leadership experiences both in school and in the community

  • Volunteer services - beyond what is required to graduate from secondary school. Other grants, monitory awards, and/or scholarships received


Each application shall be reviewed, before acceptance, for the following:

  • All required information has been included on the prescribed form:

  • All transcripts indicating the applicants’ marks and credits are attached to the applications

  • A copy of the tuition receipt from an approved institution is attached to the application

  • Contact details for verification of submissions when authoritative? documentation is not included


• Each applicant or his/her nominee may submit one (I) application for a scholarship award on the prescribed form to the IPAR2 Scholarship Panel.

• A maximum of (4) Scholarships shall be awarded each year, and the successful applicants will no longer be eligible for future consideration. 

• The Scholarships will be awarded based on the assessment of the Selection Panel and their decision shall be final. 

. Following the selection of the successful applicants, by the Selection Panel the President of the IPAR2 shall notify the IPAR2 sponsoring member and the successful applicant. 

If a Scholarship is awarded to an applicant who is unable to attend an approved institution because of: - illness - entering the Armed Forces - any other contingency accepted by the Selection Panel, the payment of the award shall be postponed, and the money held in trust for the successful applicant - for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date the original cheque was to be issued. 

• If the winner, after eighteen months, is still unable to accept the Scholarship, then an additional award will be presented the year following his/her withdrawal from the competition. 

During this period of postponement, the award remains the property of the International Police Association Region 2 until such time as it is finally presented. 

All applications received by the IPAR2 will be destroyed 30 days after the Scholarship cheques have been presented.

Download the application form here.

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