IPA Canada Region 2

Servo per Amikeco - Service through Friendship

IPA Visitors to Region 2

April 2013 Vladimir- National Board Member, Czech Republic

May 2013 Shuaib - Secretary General, IPA Kenya

May 2013 Henry - Member IPA Gibraltar

June 2013 Johannes and Beate - Member IPA Cologne, Germany

October 2013 Lukas - Member IPA Bremen, Germany

November 2013 Vito - Member IPA Emilia Romagna-Riccione, Italy

June 2014 Maurizio and Anastasia - President IPA Forli-Cesena, Italy at Niagara Falls.

July 2014 Kare (2nd from the right)- Member of IPA Denmark with daughter Maja to his right and wife Gitte (2nd from the left) R 2 Member Bob, wife Pauline and Granddaughter Ellie acted as tour guides around the Ottawa area.

July 2014 Dieter- Member of IPA Berlin West, Germany.

September 2015 Mike - Region 16, Atlantic Canada

October 2015 Tony - South Australia

February 2016  Willy and Paul - Germany

July 2016  Katherine and Ronnie - Virginia, USA

September 2016   Mike and Lisa - Wisconsin, USA 

November 2016  Petr and Vladimir - Prague, Czech Republic

April 2017  Sav, Rob and Des - London Met, England

September 2017 - Sara and Mick - Nottingham, England

September 2017 - Georges and Fabrice - Leige, Belgium