IPA Canada Region 2

Servo per Amikeco - Service through Friendship

The International Police Association (IPA)

The IPA strives to enhance the image of the police in its member countries, and to facilitate international cooperation through friendly contacts between police officers of all continents. It is not the purpose of the association to be involved in any way with departmental policy, discipline or unionism; it is solely dedicated to cultural, social and recreational pursuits.

Membership now exceeds 350,000 officers in over 62 countries and is steadily increasing. Membership is open to any serving or former police officer meeting the requirements as set out in the Canadian Section Constitution and is offered regardless of rank, race, sex, colour or creed.

The founder Sergeant Arthur Troop of Lincolnshire, England had a dream to have police officers band together globally through friendship. In 1950 this dream was realised with the formation of the IPA. The association motto describes perfectly its aim “Servo per Amikeco” which when translated from Esperanto means “Service through Friendship”.

The Canadian Section was formed in London, Ontario in 1960 by Rev. Charles Wright and recognized by the IPA international body in 1961. IPA Canada has 13 branches or regions spread throughout the country.

The IPA creates an opportunity for cultural exchange and contacts on a local, national and international level. The IPA is a tremendous organization for members and their families who wish to travel to IPA member countries. The IPA offers something a travel agency cannot as nobody knows the city or town like the police officer who lives and works there.

Members are often extended courtesies, offered assistance and given tours that would not be normally available. If you are a traveler seeking fun and excitement in far off places, you will be pleased to know there will be a police officer there to advise and guide you.

Our association owns or controls many villas and homes throughout the world where accommodations are made financially reasonable to members. Member travellers find police officers universally have a lot in common, and love to share their stories and experiences with fellow officers. Travel contacts globally are an important part of the IPA, but are only one type of service that is offered.

The IPA offers youth exchange programs. Our families are an integral part of our association. You have the satisfaction of knowing that another police officer and their family are looking after your children while they are experiencing culture and language of another land.

International Friendship Week vacations are tours and experiences planned and chaperoned by a member country to show case their domain. Hungary, Israel, Sweden, Japan and Australia have planned Friendship Weeks in 2012.

Hobbyists such as stamp and insignia collectors get connections world-wide and there are Ham Radio operators, pen pals and e-mail contacts for the asking. Local regions also have social functions, dinner meetings, guest speakers, picnic trips and guest hosting, there are endless possibilities at the local level.

At present there is a number of IPA sponsored essay/short story competitions, photo contests and scholarship opportunities open to members. Regular newsletters and e-mail fanouts are provided to keep members updated on international IPA events and issues. A membership pin and passport, recognized throughout the world, are provided to each member.

Sound interesting? You bet it is! For more information please e-mail Debbie and Dave Carey, Membership Secretaries at  [email protected] 

Have a look at the International IPA Website at http://ipa-iac.org/index.php or the IPA Canada Website at http:www.ipacanada.ca


Do you qualify?

Ordinary Membership:

Shall be open to any serving police officer of a police service, or of the Canadian Armed Forces Military Police.

Shall be open to any retired or former police officer who has served with a police service, or with the Canadian Armed Forces Military Police, for a minimum period of five (5) years, and who has left that employment in good standing. This shall include a “Special Constable or equivalent” who qualified for membership and who served in that capacity for a minimum of five (5) years.

Shall be open to any officer with the designation “Special Constable or equivalent” provided he is in the full time employ of a service, department or force whose functions are the prevention of crime and the enforcement of municipal, provincial or federal law as well as maintaining law and order for a minimum of five (5) years. The responsibilities of said special constable must be consistent with those of a police officer. This appendix excludes those special constables whose main duties are clerical or administrative.

Shall be open to any full time police cadet who is sworn as a "Peace Officer" as defined in Section 2 of the Criminal Code (R.S.C. 1970 Chapter C-34 or as further amended) and is employed by a police service.

Shall be open to any serving Auxiliary Police Officer of a recognized Auxiliary Police Branch forming part of a police service.

Shall be open to any former member of a recognized Auxiliary Police Branch forming part of a police service, who has served a minimum of ten years, and has left the police service in good standing.

The term "Reserve" is considered interchangeable with the term "Auxiliary" where applicable.

Membership is open to permanent Canada Border Service Agency Officers occupying position invested with the powers and obligations of a peace officer.

Membership is open to permanent Canada Border Service Agency Officers occupying position invested with the powers and obligations of a peace officer.

Shall be open to full time civilian employees of a police service who have completed five (5) years of service and who work directly with front line officers on receiving and/or dispatching calls for service or on scenes of crime and forensic investigations.

All applications for “Ordinary Membership” shall be subject to the approval of the regional executive. Any application that is not approved by the regional executive may be appealed in writing to the National Executive Bureau and this decision will be final.


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