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News and Events

Police Officer Killed in Line of Duty

On Monday November 6, 2017  Const. John Davidson of Abbotsford, British Columbia, died in a gunfight as he responded to a vehicle theft complaint.  Officer Davidson worked in policing for 24 years, ultimately with the  Abbotsford Police Department.

They described Davidson as an "amazing colleague and friend" and "a dedicated police officer." He began his law enforcement career in the United Kingdom and was hired by the Abbotsford force in 2006. He leaves behind his wife and three adult children.

Region 2 extends heartfelt sympathies to the Davidson family, friends and colleagues at this most difficult time.  

Region 2 Member attends  Tribute for Veterans Event

The attached article from The Guardian, in Charlottetown on Ed Prebinski's exploits (abbreviated) is based on his Military Service. He was invited to the PEI Tribute for Veterans on November 9th, 2017 where the guest speaker was L.Gen Romeo Dallaire.   Dallaire spoke about his experiences in Rwanda as a head of the United Nation Mission. Ed is a friend of Dallaire and a 35 year member of the IPA. 

Sri Lanka Friendship Week

July 7 - 14, 2018 

International Youth Gathering

August 6 - 19, 2018 

United Kingdom Section

Every year young people from around the world, children and grandchildren of IPA members of between the ages of 16-18, are invited to visit another country and participate in an event that many will never forget - the IPA's International Youth Gathering (IYG). In 2018 the United Kingdom will be the host. The deadline for approval by IPA Canada is December 31, 2017, please ensure the Application and essay are submitted no later than December 10, 2017, to Region #2’s Board at barratt323@gmail.com

Blue Line’s annual Best Dressed Police Vehicle Contest showcases innovative and effective designs for police vehicle graphics and equipment packages and installation, and shares those designs with the police community in Canada. These vehicles are often the most public face of policing and should reflect their communities as well as serve as a symbol of civic pride. The contest has four categories and recognizes one winner in each, except the Best Dressed Police Vehicle category, which also honours a runner-up.

Best Dressed Vehicle Categories

  • Best Dressed Police Vehicle — featuring regular uniform patrol vehicles,
  • Community Relations — promotional, drug awareness. recruiting or other non-patrol vehicles,
  • Special Service — tactical, K9 or other specialty response unit,
  • Law Enforcement — sheriff, campus or transit police/special constable,
  • First Nations.
To Enter

Please submit 3-6 photos (at least 5MB but the higher the better) to Blue Line's editor, Renée Francoeur, at rfrancoeur@annexweb.com by September, 29, 2017. We prefer photos taken with a digital SLR or high-quality compact digital camera. Please submit photos of the exterior and interior.

Winners will be notified by late October and required to submit a more detailed entry package with text and high-resolution, quality photos (with at least one vertical shot) as the winner will be featured on our February 2018 cover.

Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Friendship Week

April 28 - May 12, 2018

Bork, Germany Friendship 


August 10th to 19th, 2018

Fall Fun Handgun Shoot

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Photos pending...

Visits by IPA Members

Jim Dallimore recently accompanied visiting IPA  member Sgt. Matthieu Le Garrouy of the French National Police on a tour. 
After visiting the Georgetown Police station, Halton Regional Cst. Dimitroff took Jim and Matthieu to their Headquarters. There they visited the communication center and the Oakville safety village. 

In August, I met a visiting IPA member Ivan Samori, his wife and two daughters from Faenza Italy. He is the assistant to the Commander of the Police Force in that city, located near Bologna. 

In his spare time, Ivan is a flag thrower with an award winning troupe that performs all over the world. His troupe was invited to participate at the Italian Festival in Mississauga this year. The group, called Rione Bianco, performing since 1959, consists of 20 members. Ivan as Captain, leads a group of throwers, who are accompanied by drummers and trumpeters, and other members in period costume. The history of flag troupes dates back to medieval times where "Boroughs" competed in the Palio horse races, (still being conducted today) in many historical cities such as Siena. Flag troupes represent  various Boroughs and accompany teams of riders at medieval festivals, displaying coats of arms, and colourful period costumes. 
Ivan and his troupe have performed in Hawaii, Australia, the U.S. and many other places around the world. They have won gold medals and numerous awards for their performances. Ivan has two young daughters who currently perform with the group. There is a tremendous amount of effort and dexterity required to keep the flags flying in the air. Each flag contains a lead handle and weighs over 20 lbs. Juggling them requires skill and coordination with other performers. It was a fabulous performance enjoyed by the thousands of spectators that turned out at the Mississauga City Centre to watch the event. 

I was pleased to have met Ivan during their stay in Toronto and escorted him and his family to Toronto Police H.Q. to see the historical muesum. Ivan is a an avid collector of police memorabilia and was delighted with souvenir items he received during his visit. A big thank you to Norina D'Agostino, curator of the museum for her kind assistance.

Rione Bianco performing at Mississauga City Centre


Mustafa's Report 

Earlier this year Region 2 member Mustafa Popalzai was chosen to be one of two IPA Canada representatives at the 2017 IPA World Young Officers Seminar held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA,  June 11 - 16, 2017.

Attached is his very favourable report on the event.

2017 BBQ

Many thanks to Marie and Joe Rizutti for opening their home to more than 100 participants in this year's Region 2 BBQ. The food was delicious and plentiful, the weather warm and the friendship warmer. 

Special thanks to Elaine Hawkes for the custom made marvellous cake. 

See more pictures under the Photo Gallery tab.

Wanted: Additional Members to the National Executive Bureau

The National Executive Bureau of IPA Canada is looking for volunteers to fill the following roles;

1) National Membership Coordinator

Position Description

• Retrieve all online membership applications for membership, submitted via the
website Review all application forms and liaise with applicants for accuracy.
• Forward all applications to the respective regions for processing
• Liaise with Regional membership coordinators
• Assist Regional membership coordinators with application process as necessary
• Maintain an updated list of regional membership coordinators.

2) Treasurer Social Affairs

Position Description 

• Assist the Treasurer Finances as internal auditor,
• Administer various funds and liaise with regions during events requiring national
support and/or guidance.
• Assist the treasurer finances
• Overseeing partnerships with national sponsors on a project basis
• Review PR activities in relation to IPA Canada aims and objectives.
• Collect and check the expenses of the Officers and Directors.
• Ensure the financial follow-up of IYG, WYPOS, the AT Scholarship program and IPA
Canada contests winners
• Manage the miscellaneous financial contributions of the treasury
• Report annually about his field of activity

If you are interested in these positions please contact the National Secretary General at nicole@kikciogroup.com

Urgent Appeal for Assistance:

June 14, 2017


Friends and Members of Toronto Police Service,


I write to advise you that S/SGT Grant BURNINGHAM #1601 and his family are in desperate need of your assistance.

Some of you know Grant from when he was a “Mutant Ninja Turtle” teaching Defensive Tactics at C.O.BICK College. Some of you worked with him at TPS 51 Division, 42 Division, 55 Division, 52 Division, Marine Unit, 32 Division, from his deployment in Afghanistan, 41 Division, or as “THE SHERIFF” who fought 4 times at FiteNite.


On or about December 22, 2016, Grant’s 21-year-old son Reed CURTIS BURNINGHAM went to a clinic due to pains in this abdomen. The clinic was unable to take him, so he attended the hospital where his mother Leigh Curtis-BURNINGHAM works as a nurse.


Tests revealed tumors in his body. Immediately they were determined to be malignant, and Reed was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma - a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma recognized as the fastest growing human tumor rapidly fatal if left untreated.


Reed was already fighting for his life. He was placed in ICU in January 2017. Doctors scrambled to deal with this devastating illness which seemed to change for the worse every time some positive stride was made. A coma was induced, he suffered respiratory failure, and as much as 3L of fluid was removed from his lungs at a time as his breathing machine struggled to have any effect.


Reed started his first round of chemotherapy on January 5th, 2017. He finished his last session due to complications on April 6th. Reed was able to leave the hospital several times and he returned to his student job as a Toronto Police Lifeguard for a few days. This disease had caught him in the midst of his studies at Centennial College of Police Foundations.


By May 10, 2017, doctors found another active tumor in him. Shortly thereafter other tumors appeared near his liver and abdominal area, and the fight was on with fury again.


In the interim, the family incurred extreme emotional and financial hardship. Just parking at the hospital was costing about $400/ month (which the Toronto Police Association has aided.) Leigh had to leave her position for the obvious stress and the need to tend to her son, decreasing their income by thousands of dollars.


Grant lost a large amount of weight, needs a hip replacement, and even had his

appendix removed in the midst of this. He became physically sick at the start of Reed’s illness, and has not been able to work since December 2016, having already used up over 900 hours of sick time.

On June 5th Reed was taken back to Sunnybrook with severe leg and abdominal pain. At that time they discovered new tumors in his lower abdominal area. He received more rounds of chemotherapy.


Reed presently goes to clinic every day to recharge chemo bag, and is sent home with a 24 hour pump.


On June 8th, 2017, Dr. BUCKSTEIN advised that treatment options were running out. They were unsuccessful getting Reed into clinical studies. She advised of a drug called BLINCYTO that had been successful with similar lymphomas. This drug and others to be used in Reed’s treatment are NOT covered by OHIP. Treatment has already begun.


The BURNINGHAM’s are now receiving bills to be paid out of pocket. For example, Grant was recently charged $985.00 for 10 pills, taken 2 per day, that will last 5 days. Reed has to take these pills for 60 days.



$6,000 per month for TREATMENT 1 and

$73,000 per month for TREATMENT 2

This and other costs can go on indefinitely


I am sending this message with the intention of reaching every member of the Toronto Police Service. As this is a police family in crisis, it need not be expanded why we should be the ones to offer relief. In order to meet immediate costs, I ask that every member contribute $25.00 or more for the Burkitt Lymphoma treatment for Reed CURTIS BURNINGHAM. I ask that this message be forwarded to every other member of the Service, to friends and families of this family, and to their contact circles. I ask that it be read out on every parade, shift, and Unit in the city, and that every TPS member contribute. I have no doubt this will happen. I know that S/SGT Grant BURNINGHAM would enthusiastically do the same for any member known or unknown to him.





Thank you and regards,


iPhone:  647-967-1519



Ontario Police Memorial March

IPA Ontario Regions 

pay tribute 

to fallen comrades at 

Queens Park, Toronto

At the Blue Line Expo

Our Region once again participated at the Expo's new venue at the International Centre. Our members staffed a display promoting the IPA.


Region 2 supports the Second Chance Scholarship Foundation

Cheque presentation to founder Rick Gosling 

in support of ongoing initiatives assisting youth.

Visit their website for more information...


Tema Conter Memorial Trust Gala

Region 2 President presents a cheque for $1000.00 to Vince Savioa. The funds raised from sales of our sesquicentennial coin, will be used to raise awareness about PTSD for First Responders and Military Personnel in Canada.  

Hong Kong Friendship 


November 5 - 12, 2017

Learning Opportunity

Life Long Volunteerism Recognised

Colin Wackett, Life Member of IPA Region 2, IPA Canada National Vice President 1962 and National President 1963 - 1966 has a long history of volunteerism. The following article and picture is reproduced from the Orillia Packet and Times, December 31, 2016 issue.

A love for the community, a tireless ability to give time and effort without expecting anything in return, and an aggressive streak for getting things done for a good cause – common qualities of previous Orillia citizens of the year and ones that are personified by this year’s winner.

Colin Wackett is the Packet & Times’ 2016 Citizen of the Year.

Wackett has nearly 50 years of community service under his belt from being involved in various campaigns in cities where he’s lived.

Before moving to Orillia, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) benefited from 25 years of his dedication with the Ontario and Canadian gymnastics federations, for which he served as president and vice-president, respectively. For seven years, Wackett was on the committee of the Ukrainian Festival in Barrie, serving as chair for three of those years.

He has also volunteered as president of the Orillia Channel Cats swim club and, as part of the local perch festival, he has helped with the OPP Kids’ Day, an event he still participates in.

“He has even done it with me after I retired in 2012, so we are both still active in this event, having again participated this past spring,” Frank Kreisz wrote in his nomination letter.

With extensive volunteer hours put in at the Orillia branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, as president and, later, media officer, Wackett has been involved in many of the events organized by the legion, including the updating of the monument at Veterans’ Memorial Park to include the names of local Second World War vets to go along with those of local residents who served in the First World War.

He has represented the legion at the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce for four years, and he has made sure all participants of the Santa Claus parade are fed.

A military veteran, Wackett has also marched in Remembrance Day parades as part of the legion’s colour party numerous times.

He also formed a local prostate cancer awareness group. He battled the disease years ago, an experience that drives his passion for the cause – he heads up the Huronia Motorcycle Ride for Dad, which has raised more than $1 million for prostate cancer research.

“He has been at the forefront of this for a long time,” wrote Kreisz. “He had his prostate removed a long time ago, so he has lived it and immersed himself into this totally and unequivocally.”

Wackett organizes guest speakers for the awareness group and the ride, bringing in doctors and researchers to speak about progress made in the fight against prostate cancer.

More than 600 people took part in the 2016 Huronia Motorcycle Ride for Dad, raising more than $100,000.

He also chaired a legion committee that took part in talks with the city regarding the downtown waterfront revitalization plan.

For all of his community service, Wackett was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.

“Colin is a decent fellow,” wrote Kreisz. “His heart is in the right place, and he has done way, way more than most do in the field of helping others and supporting.

(Article and photograph courtesy of the Orillia Packet and Times)



IPA International Video Competition

For those who enjoy Video as their creative media IPA Canada needs video submissions from as many members as possible and a Volunteer National Video Editor so we can enter the International Video competition. Submissions from IPA Canada members should include IPA activity in their Region, National, Provincial or Municipal Policing activity, images of the Canadian landscape or historical location(s) and people or folklore of the Canadian people.

All material needs to be submitted by digital media (MP4 or similar) to our Volunteer Video Editor.

Entries to the IPA Canada Editor need to be by December 1st, 2017.


The aim of the competition is to collect video material from all IPA sections around the world and to create an international IPA movie data bank. This will enable us to produce an international IPA film that will show IPA activities around the globe.

The intended outcome of the project is to obtain high-quality videos from a wide variety of sections, and then use selected parts of the competition videos to produce an information video about the IPA. The resulting video can be distributed to all IPA sections to be used as a promotional and recruiting aid, and will also feature on the IAC website as well as national websites.

In friendship Chris Barratt – IPA Canada , VP Central Region

We did it!!!!

After last year's successful Christmas Dinner, Dance and Awards night we challenged ourselves to up the ante on attendance..we wanted 130 tickets sold which was a huge increase from the 100 sold in 2015. 

I am very pleased to say that we did it, we sold 130 tickets and even a couple more for good measure. 

People danced the night away and enjoyed the food and ambience of the Riviera Parc Banquet facility. Next year we are going for 150. Mark the date on your calendar now December 9, 2017. For more pictures of the fun and frolic of the night click on the Photo Gallery tab.


Region 2 scores 2

Congratulations to R2 members Rebecca Boyd and Mustafa Popalzai!! 

Rebecca has been chosen as the 2017 Arthur Troop Scholarship winner for North America. The Arthur Troop Scholarship  is awarded to an IPA member from each continent in which the IPA have member sections – Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. Each scholarship consists of a bursary of up to 2500 €, to be used for a seminar at the International IPA Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn, Germany or at a comparable institution. Applications for the 2018 year will be taken after January 1st 2017 to the deadline of June 1st, 2017. Apply through your Regional President.

For the rules and further information see..http://www.ipa-iac.org/content.php?pageId=43

Mustafa was chosen to be one of two IPA Canada representatives at the 2017 IPA World Young Officers Seminar being held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA,  June 11 - 16, 2017.  The IPA World Young Officer Seminar is organised every two years, this is the 4th. Other venues have been Netherlands, Australia and Poland. For further information see..http://www.ipa-iac.org/content.php?pageId=50

Accommodation Discounts in Region 2

We have just negotiated significant accommodation discounts at the following establishments...For more info click on "R2 Accommodation Discounts" under the "Things to See and Do " tab above..

Toronto Downtown Centre

Vaughan and Markham Suites

Kruger's B&B - Muskoka

 Commemorating Canada's 150th.

Order your Limited Edition

Collector's Coin now and 

support Front Line and 

Military personnel dealing 

with PTSD. Send order to 


Recent Events 

October 6, Fun Handgun Shoot

The top prize went to the men, but the day belonged to the ladies;

More than 20 people had a blast at Target Sports participating in the R2 Fall Fun Handgun Shoot. Next Fun Handgun Shoot is planned for March 2017. For more pictures of this event click on the Photo Gallery Tab.

Many thanks to Range Officers - Rob, Tracy and Rob for keeping us safe. 

50 Year Members

In the last couple of weeks I have had the honour and privilege to present two Region 2 members with a certificate of appreciation for their 50 years of membership. Congratulations Bob and Jim...in friendship Chris 

Beyond the Badge

Region 2 is a staunch supporter of organizations assisting First Responders, Military and Canada Border Services personnel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We encourage you to become involved in this most worthwhile cause.

Here is a clip from an upcoming documentary made by an award winning producer/filmmaker from Colorado, Larry Cappetto. 

Visit the facebook page for further information.



Calling All Members!!

If you have items of interest, send us an email and we will be pleased to post on our site.